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Patients should try to come to consult us personally, for those that cannot do that, please send or fax to the professional group your recent symptoms, examination, analysis, early diagnose and case history (including patient's address, telephone number, height, weight), after discussion and diagnosis by the professional group, the treatment plan will be informed to the patient and he/she should receive treatment by postage. One can consult the professional group anytime during the treatment.

Contact Us
Tel: +0086 13631453379
  Contact:Miss Wang
Address:Bei Xi Liu Lu Zhan Dian Zi Bo Shan Dong China


About Us

    The China TCM web is established by China- ShanDong, Zibo City's Gufang Chinese medicine Complicated Diseases Research Centre in 1998 (click to see about Gufang introduction).
    The traditional chinese medicine (TCM) has several thousand years of history, it resembles the thousand years of experience and results of the chinese nation struggling with various diseases, which is indeclinable as the time pass by. The TCM has different theoretical system as compared to the western medicine; moreover, it is rich of learning values. As the TCM is gradually recognized and highly praised by more countries and regions, the traditional way of passing down TCM verbally already farly cannot fulfill the demand of the modern society towards TCM. That is why we specially established this website: to promote TCM at international stage and its influence, to awaken the world about the knowledge of natural therapy of the TCM, also to make it convenient for local and overseas patients to consult as well as to treat their illnesses.......more


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   Complicated Diseases   Blood System Diseases  Respiratory System Diseases

 Scleroderma (systemic sclerosis)
 Oral lichen planus
 Hyperthyroidism (Grave s disease)
 Chronic purulent nasal sinusitis


 Henoch-Schonlein purpura
 Erythremia (Vaquez disease)
 Iron-deficiency anemias
 Megaloblastic anemia


 Pleural effusion
 Chronic bronchitis
 Bronchial asthma

   ENT (Ear, nose, throat) Diseases   Gynecological Diseases  Urinary System Diseases

 Tympanic membrane penetration
 False cyst of the auricle
 Sudden deafness (tinnitus)
 Chronic inflammation of middle ear


 Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
 Fallopian tube blockage
 Uterine leiomyoma (fibroids)
 Ovarian cyst


 SLE (kidney form)
 Polycystic kidney
 Chronic glomerulonephritis
 Henoch-Schonlein purpura
 Chronic renal failure (CRF)

   Connective Tissue Diseases   Heart Diseases  Lymphatic System Diseases

 Systematic lupus erythematosus(S..
 Still disease


 Viral myocarditis


 Tuberculosis of cervical lymph n..
 Acute and chronic lymphadenitis

Doctor Profile
    Dr. Wang Yong, character Shurun,
of Han Nationality, is born to the
Chinese  medicine  aristocratic
family,he has inherited the essence
of traditional Chinese medicine,he
uses ancient secret remedies as the
base and he complies........more
Gufang Introduction
    Gufang Chinese medicine
complicated diseases research center
is located at Shan Dong Province Zi
Bo City , ZhangDian Bei Xi Liu Road;
Zi Bo is situated between Lu Zhong
mountain area andLuBei champagne,
located at a unique......more
Special Recommendation

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 Real Ginseng- The Lowest Price

Advice From Doctor

  1 cigarette is 1 too many
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 Bladder Problems May Often Be Relate..
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 Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough Heralds ..

Health Column

 Whole Grains
 Hot Cocoa
 Fat-Free Milk

TCM-Health Wellness

 Yo-Yo Dieting: Forgivable
 Alcohol: Forgivable
 Fast Food: Forgivable
 Loud Concerts: Regrettable
 Cigarettes: Regrettable
 Too Much Coffee: Forgettable

Diet Therapy

 Drinking herbal tea helps lose weight
 Some sugar cereals no longer so sweet
 Protein really is the prescription f..
 Wine may curb toxic skin effects of ..
 Fish oil pills don't boost benefit o..
 Kids follow parents' lead on fruits ..

Sexual Health

 Activists remain skeptical of South ..
 New HIV subtype found in Macao
 Green card seekers won't have to get..
 Viagra Helpful for Children With Hea..
 South Africa to treat all HIV-positi..
 Full results show AIDS vaccine is of..

Special-featured Therapy

 Tui na
 Fire cupping
 Gua Sha
 Pushing hands
 Silk reeling


  1 cigarette is 1 too many
 Traditional Medicine effective on A/..
 Markers for Ovarian Cancer May Show ..
 Bladder Problems May Often Be Relate..
 Skin cancer can be inherited, two ne..
 Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough Heralds ..


 Pressure point
 Dim Mak
 Acupoint therapy
 Tui na history
 Tuina Strategies Into Practice

Chinese Herbs

 Siraitia grosvenorii
 Croton (genus)
 Dragon s blood
 Chinese Honeysuckle


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